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Hi Travel Partners,
Warm Greetings from Palace on Wheels the Luxury train Of India.
Company Profile.... Skylink Journeys Pvt. Ltd.

Skylink Hotels&Resorts Deals Pvt.Ltd established in 6February 2002was a initiative by a hotelier who believed in the power of Internet. We are a Destination Management Company with a difference. skylink Journeys P Ltd. Team is a multinational multi skilled team. Each team member brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in regional
and international travel, tourism and hospitality to add to our communal pool of expertise. As a unit we have organized ourselves into a unique structure that thrives on our shared passion in people, Travel and the regions culture to building creative ideas that we can then share with you, our friends and new clients. Skylink Journeys P Ltd provides working partners with a cost effective, full service operation. With
our local knowledge - we are “your eyes and ears” in the Traveling, delivering custom made products for your organization. We have developed a unique formula in combining interest and respect for culture and traditions and developing ideas into concepts that appeal to everyone at any level. We have also taken time out to listen to our clients to assess their needs and wants. Some of our motivational tourism programs may appear to be a little wild or crazy, but we have asked the questions and the
responses have been overwhelming. It seems that more people want to build their holidays into lifetime experiences with an emphasis on fulfilling curiosity and fun. Why Firstly it is because all of us within the Skylink team enjoy what we do. We also take pride in being able to see the smiles and appreciation our work gives to so many of our clients. We are also dedicated to trailblazing new ideas and concepts for our clients. We personally share so many experiences with our clients that we make many friends, and that is extremely fulfilling. While taking time out to listen to the real needs and wants of our clients, we are constantly developing our unique programs.

Mr. Ashish Sharma(Director)